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Are you interested in lowering your electric bill? We put together a checklist of some key measures that you might want to pursue to drive your costs as low as possible.

None of us wants to waste energy and money unnecessarily, and a good number of us are sensitive to the effect that unnecessary waste has on our environment as well. If you also are sensitive to these things, pay attention. We got a great lust that will protect your pocketbook and make you more socially conscious in the process!

The most obvious way that you can contain energy usage is to make sure that unused lights are turned off whenever you exit a room or just plain do not need them on. Also, turning off electronic devices when they’re not in use can be a surprising source of savings!

You might even consider going so far as to unplug seldom used items so that not only are they avoiding energy use, but are not at risk for potentially crippling power surges that happen all across the United States at random times. It’s also a good idea to use a surge protector whenever possible.

Preventive HVAC maintenanceAlso, seal off any doors or windows that never get open. Weatherproofing can be an incredible way to reduce unnecessary loss of both heat and cool air, and it can be done very inexpensively these days. Just look for weatherproofing film at your nearby Walmart or Lowe’s or Home Depot, and you can apply them successfully with an everyday hair blow dryer. It can make a stunning difference in your electric bill, as well.

But one of the most important things you can do to help your budget and lower its impact on the environment is to provide proper maintenance for your HVAC in Myrtle Beach by using a local firm to come out and perform regular preventive service on both your air conditioning unit and the ducts that run through your home. When either of these is not functioning optimally, you unnecessarily stress the system and cause inefficient use of energy and potential catastrophic breakdown.

You will have to think of this maintenance as an investment in the future. When HVA system does go down by failure, it can be incredibly expensive to have both parts replaced and find the labor to get it back up and running.