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Let’s face it hair removal isn’t always easy and it certainly isn’t fun, however, it’s something we just have to do. Shaving and waxing were of course the traditional ways to remove hair, and are still used by loads of people. However, times are changing and more people are discovering the benefits of using gels or creams to make the process easier.

Pain and irritated skin are common side effects of hair removal treatments we do at home. Professional treatments offer a much better and smoother way to remove hair but unfortunately they cost a lot of money and just aren’t practical. We’re all looking for that great solution to make hair removal simple, while keeping it affordable, and now Nads have produced something which has changed the game.


Nads themselves have been operating for over 25 years and in that time they’ve come a long way. They began with home remedies and solutions to common beauty problems, like hair removal, and have since commercialized and grown.

Nowadays Nads operates globally and has products all over the world. They’ve always focused on keeping everything natural and not allowing harmful chemicals near your body. By staying true to this concept they’ve managed to keep their product line effective as they’re diversified and grown.

Nads Hair Removal

Nads now have a very diverse range of hair removal products to choose from. Their wax strips are some of the most popular in the world, but they also have hair removal gel and hair removal wax. Nads have even created a specialist men’s hair removal range so their audience really is everyone.

Nads hair removal product strength comes down to what’s put in them. Nads tries to keep it simple and they don’t sell any completely off the wall products. Their range is all aimed at everyday people who want something simple that works.

Nads Product Reviews

User feedback about the brand has been positive from most sources. It’s certainly one of the cheapest brands out there, but for the price, it’s able to do the job and give people access to hair removal treatments they might not have been able to afford before.

Nads offer an alternative to professional treatments and you’re able to do it at home. While you might not get the exact same results it’s still impressive for the price.

Nads products are getting a lot of positive feedback, be sure to check out Nads Hair Removal