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"Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?" is a true view of the founders of rock and roll as only Peggy Sue can tell it, wrapped around the heartfelt story of a young girl's coming of age. Send an email to to inquire about purchases.





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Since 1957, music lovers the world over have asked, "Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?" In her memoirs, Peggy Sue tells about the relationships and events that plunged her into the public eye and changed her life forever. Peggy Sue has based her book on personal diary and journal entries kept since she was eighteen. The book contains many pictures, some never published before. Don't miss out on this book! See the following review.

Book review: Small Press Bookwatch
The Biography Shelf - Volume 7, Number 5 May 2008

When rock and roll artists sing about women - it's nine times out of ten not actually about one specific woman - but that one time out of ten, one has to wonder who these songs are about and how they inspired the artist. "Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue: A Memoir by Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue" is the story of the famous artist who was taken from the world far too soon and the subject of one his most famous songs - Peggy Sue. She speaks candidly and with total truth about her relationship with Buddy Holly and sets all the rumors and myths surrounding them and their respective spouses to rest. "Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue: A Memoir by Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue" is highly recommended for Buddy Holly fanatics and community library memoir collections with a focus on music.>Full Story
On April 27, 2013, Peggy Sue and Travis Holly were in a live Garrison Keillor radio broadcast at Citibank Auditorium in Lubbock, Texas. To hear the segment with Peggy Sue and Travis, listen below.


"I Still Love You, Peggy Sue" is a new song by Jerry Naylor. Jerry was the lead singer of The Crickets after Buddy was killed in the plane crash. Learn more about Jerry at

54 Years Ago -- The Tour F rom Hell!
It was the Winter Dance Party and life would never be the same.

January 29. 1959, Capitol Theater – Davenport, Iowa
January 30, 1959, Laramar Ballroom – Fort Dodge, Iowa
January 31, 1959, Duluth Amory – Duluth, Minnesota (A young Bob Dylon stood in front of the stage watching every move of Buddy Holly. He decided that he was going to do that.Do that he did.)
February 1, 1959, Riverside Ballroom -- Green Bay, Wisconsin (Afternoon appearance at Cinderella Ballroom in Appleton, Wisconsin, cancelled--probably because of the weather & the buses from hell!)
F ebruary 2 1959, Surf Ballroom -- Clear Lake, Iowa, (Carl Bunch was in the hospital with frozen feet. The entertainers where having to double on the drums.)

February 3, 1959, PLANE CRASHED ****

February 3, 1959, the show went on as usual in the Armory, Moorhead, Minnesota.

Waylon Jennings and Tommy Allsup were told that they could go to Lubbock, Texas, for the funeral if they would continue on until they could replace them. It was a lie. They were not allowed to leave the tour until it ended February 15, 1959. Tommy, Waylon, andCarl Bunch went to New York to meet at GAC to get paid. They were not ever paid for the tour from hell!

February 7, 1959, was to be Buddy Holly’s final appearance -- Lubbock, Texas, in Tabernacle Church. Maria did not attend the funeral.

2013--How Time Flies

When I moved back home to Lubbock from California in 1995, one of the first things I became involved with was opening Lubbock Magazine. It was a print magazine, of course. Who would have thought anyone would prefer electronic media over a paper copy! Computers were so big that no one could have carried one around with him. Now here it is 2013 and all that has changed. Laptops, tablets, ipads, iphones, smartphones, Nooks and Kindles go with us everywhere.

It’s hard to believe that print media is basically no longer. Newsweek, second only to TIME, published its last print magazine on December 31, and TIME itself is restructuring to become more electronic. What is the demise of print media going to do to the small hometown papers and magazines?  Or to the people who like to hold them in their hands and turn the pages? What about collectors?

For some people, “change is like putting lipstick on a bulldog. The bulldog’s appearance hasn’t improved, but now it’s really angry.” (Rosbeth Moss Kanter) They resist change and hold on to the past. The only thing that happens to them is that they get passed by. 

Others feel, as Alan Watts expresses it, that “the only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” And, that is what we are doing here at  We have some new projects coming out soon that I hope you will enjoy, so think of us and check in often. You will see one of my projects on this homepage. The red 56 Chevy picture is a creation by Eric Karr. More will be coming. I’m thrilled to be part of his projects.

I’m also doing an occasional internet radio talk show with  They post a broadcast calendar, so check it out. You can call in to it if you want. Stephen Wren and my good friend Gary Patterson are hosts. 

While I have not been very visible the last couple of years, that is one thing I intend to change this year. So, welcome 2013. Welcome change. Welcome to my website.  I’m so glad you are here!  Spend a while, look around and, as I said earlier, check back often!

Keep Rockin,
Love & Light

Peggy Sue

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