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For those who are looking to lose a few pounds without using harsh diet pills, natural health supplements are a good alternative. For those who have undergone bariatric surgery to lose weight, health supplements help them to keep a check on their diet by reducing calories, and providing the body’s requirement of minerals and vitamins. Health supplements aid in weight loss by reducing hunger as well Some of the proven health supplements which help in weight management include the following

Fiber foods: Foods rich in fiber aid in weight loss. The reason is that fiber gives you a sense of fullness and thus prevents you from feeling hungry. Also fiber rich foods clear up the gut and avoid toxin accumulation in the body. Fiber can be obtained by eating fruits and vegetables with their skins on. Leafy vegetables are also a good source of fiber. Fiber helps you to limit your calorie consumption, thereby resulting in weight loss. You also need to drink lots of water along with fibrous foods.

Green tea: Green tea is rich in anti oxidants and helps in weight loss. Certain chemicals found in green tea like caffeine and theanine have been proven to help in losing weight by raising the metabolism and decreasing appetite. The Chinese will vouch for the positive weight loss effects of green tea. Basically, such health supplements help in controlling weight by burning off the fat deposits in the body.

Grape seed extract: These are natural compounds which are extracted from the grape seeds. Recent findings have proved that the chemical, Resveratrol which is found in grape seeds is a great contributor to weight management. Red grapes are carriers of greater amounts of resveratrol.

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus Forskohlii: Also known as Forskolin, this extract taken from a plant in the mint family has been shown to help aid in cellular fat burning and with other common ailments such as high blood pressure and glaucoma.

Wakame: Wakame is brown colored seaweed which is proved to be very effective for weight loss. Being a naturally occurring alga, it is also quite safe. It contains a fat killing chemical called, Fucoxanthin. This chemical eliminates cholesterol and cellulite totally from the body. The burning of fat by the consumption of the wakame seaweed helps to lose weight effectively. Being a Japanese origin, wakame can be used in sushi or soups.

Ginger: Ginger, a rhizome and a very widely used culinary ingredient is widely known for its digestive properties. An addition to its innumerable benefits is its efficacy in aiding weight loss. Ginger contains chemicals that prevent the growth of some cells into fat cells, which are the major reason for weight gain. Inclusion of ginger in your diet in the form of ginger tea or grated ginger over your noodles will give good results for weight loss.

Health supplements are definitely not a magic cure for weight loss and they don’t provide instant results. . Effective and long term weight loss can be achieved by adopting a healthy diet and following a good exercise regime. They are recommended for people who are recovering from any illness and are not in a position to eat a balanced diet. Health supplements are ideal for children and the elderly to ensure that they are supplied with the essential nutrients.